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Dramanon are proud to announce the launch of a new joint venture partnership in India with their associate, Team Results.
Dramanon are now enjoying an exciting new phase of growth following on from their successful UK operation. This will allow its international clients to have training, film and conference support that was previously too costly to deliver effectively from our base location in London.
Recent developments in the Indian market has led to an increase in demand for experiential learning and increased awareness of the benefits of this technique for supporting learning, development and change initiatives.
Steven & Melanie, director’s at Dramanon London are very much looking forward to sharing their experience of bringing this dynamic development technique to India alongside Vijay and his team.
The wealth of acting talent in India is matched with the expertise of developing and running challenging, interactive and dynamic new training, we know that this will be a real winner for both Dramanon and Team Results.
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Why Team Results?

Established in 1997 Team Results have experience of working with more than 150 Indian and Global corporations from varied industries and their clients willingly offer testimonials of the positive impact they have created in the training and development of their employees, Team Results can now boast of their credentials that they are truly the end-to-end solution providers in these areas.

Whether you need an onsite training workshop, full-service consulting, or if you are not really sure which solution will work, Team Results will help.

With a firm belief that in today’s intense business environment, there is no room for lackadaisical behaviour or a shortage of energy and innovation in the work place.

To consistently meet the challenges and demands of others we must first learn to bring out the best in ourselves.

At Team Results, we facilitate this self-realisation through an enjoyable means and a focused approach.

We are catalysts in your pursuit of perfection.


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