Mental Health & Wellbeing

Dramanon are delivering Mental Health & Wellbeing sessions that are really making a difference. They are unique and different to anything else out there (at the moment anyway!)

What is the difference?
We use industry leading Psychologists alongside our own experienced team of actors.

The benefits of fusing the two elements is that you bring education into an entertaining format underpinned by solid thinking around mental health in a highly engaging way.

We move the conversation from ‘good to talk about mental health’ to the ‘how’ of talking about mental health

What We Do

We use an established and powerful psychological model to explore a range of common relationship challenges, both in the workplace and at home, including:

  • Challenging unsafe behaviour
  • Giving difficult feedback on poor performance
  • Managing pressure at work and its impact at home (and vice versa)
  • Spotting the signs of mental health areas such as stress, pressure and anxiety both in ourselves and others and how to take appropriate action
  • Listening to and supporting others in distress

The above is performed by actors using compelling scenarios.

This brings an authenticity to the session. Running ‘home’ scenes brings a ‘personal’ touch that everyone can identify with.

Our Psychologist underpins everything the actors do.

All sessions are completely interactive and immersive.

Other Benefits

Timings for delivery of sessions are flexible to fit your needs. This means it may be possible to run up to 2 or 3 sessions in the same day.

The scenarios will be highly relevant to the audience.

We can adapt to small or large groups.

The content is already developed – so there is No upfront development.

Our teams are very experienced in this area.

Recent Testimonial

I’m stuck for words to be honest with you, the way in which the session was constructed was brilliant, its key messages really stood out.  I can honestly say that I do believe every worker in attendance from within Major Projects will have left those sessions felling valued, important, and I’m convinced they will all engage in the work put to them today about removing the stigmas around mental Health, getting people to talk freely and openly about their own situations

Carl Lewthwaite Sellafield Company Disability, Equality and Welfare Adviser. 2017